Sofa set

A sofa is the biggest piece of furniture in a living room, and the one that occupies the most amount of space. A piece of comfort for watching movies, chatting with friends, hosting parties, and a loving family time at the end of a tiring day

To make these little moments extra special, we at Topaz, offer you a range of customized sofas, for your every need.

    • 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Seater Sofa
    • L-shape Sofa
    • Lounger Sofa
    • Semi-lounger sofa
    • L-Lounger Sofa
    • Semi-Lounger L-Shape Sofa
    • Side-tables and more, included in Sofa
    • Sofa cum bed

With so many available choices, one must make sure to choose a sofa in a style, fabric and colour they like; whilst ensuring it provides adequate seating space and fits to the dimensions of the room. To ensure this, we understand our clients space and requirements and present them with suggestions that bring a balance between all. Making every furniture unique in itself.

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