In many living rooms around the nation, ottomans have come into vogue and are becoming as ubiquitous as coffee tables were to previous iterations of home design. An ottoman is an extremely versatile piece of furniture, allowing it to break the bonds of living room confinement and create a unique look in any room.

Ottomans are great for when you want to apply a final touch to a room’s decor. The relatively small size of the ottoman makes it very easy for you to change its location in the home according to your preference. Available in numerous colours and sizes, ottomans are great for providing that special touch to your room.

Selecting the right one can be challenging for those looking to incorporate one into their home. We at Topaz, will give you some ideas about how to decorate with an ottoman and make your room prettier than it already is.

If your are confused about the ottoman placements at home, follow these tips without spoiling the interiors:

1.Using it as a Footstool

2.Placing it in front of the TV

3.Use it as a Decorative Piece

4.Place the Ottoman by the Bed

5.Use it as an Extra Storage Space

6.Ottomans in Your Casual Dining Space

7.Ottoman as a Coffee Table

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