Dining Tables

Your dining room is the space where the family gets together over a warm, home-cooked meal, to swap stories about each other’s day. Whether you have a teeny tiny dining corner or a full-fledged formal dining room, the dining table takes centre stage in this space, and you should take care to design it well. 

We at Topaz, help you choose a perfect dining furniture.

We offer wide range of Dinning Ideas that will make your place pleasing:

1. Wooden Dinning Table
2. Glass Dinning Table
3. Marble Dining Table
4. Dining Table in Weathered Wood
5. Modular Dinning Table
6. Tile Dinning Table

The shape is an important consideration for dining tables since dining rooms, especially in apartments and small homes, are often oddly shaped.Round tables fit perfectly and look good in compact rooms and square dining areas.

We offer flexible seating, that can be mixed and matched with any kind of chair and accommodate many people. It can be custom made as per the house measurements.

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