C Table

C Table is a modern-day version of handy items in the household. For those who want to free up space in their homes as far as possible, a C shaped side table is a fantastic idea!

It can dispense with the need for a side/end table while being handy when you want to have a snack or quickly put up your laptop for a video call on the couch. It is useful and practical but also looks sleek and barely takes up any space.

We at Topaz believe, a C shaped table can be a significant-versatile addition to your home and is also a great space-saving mechanism. The perfect companion to a bout of binge watching on your favorite couch, be sure to look for one that is sturdy and reliable. Without the hassle of putting away a foldable snack tray or the bulky presence of a coffee table, this streamlined piece of innovation in living room furniture is worth every penny you spend for it.


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